Anderson Funeral Home was founded in 1872 by Swedish immigrant John Anderson. Anderson was trained as a cabinet maker and after settling in Alexandria he was asked to build caskets for members of the community.

The Anderson Funeral Home has served the community continuously through the following events: 

1876 - Custer's Last Stand takes place at the Little Bighorn
1898 – The Spanish American War
1914 – America enters World War II
1929 – The Wall Street Black Monday followed by the Great Depression
1941 – Japan bombs Pearl Harbor and America enters World War II
1963 - President Kennedy is assassinated
1969 - Man walks on the moon
1976 - Our Nation celebrates it's Bicentennial
1989 - The Berlin Wall comes down
2000 - We enter the new Millenium
2001 - September 11th World Trade Centre Attack
2004- Bostom Red Sox win the World Series
2006 - Pluto is no longer a planet
2008 - US elects first black president
2011 - Osama bin Laden is captured
2013 - Same sex marriage became legal in Minnesota
2016 - Queen Elizabeth turned 90 years old

John Anderson was followed by his son, Carl V. Anderson, as proprietor of the funeral home. And Carl V. Anderson was followed by his son, Paul H. Anderson, the father of Tom & David Anderson.

The Anderson Funeral Home has changed locations only a few times since 1872, affording a sense of reassurance to the families they serve. Their first location was in the present Hennen Furniture building on Broadway from 1872-1928.  Their second location was on the corner of 7th Avenue West and Cedar Street in what is now the Cedar Rose Inn Bed and Breakfast from 1928-1933.  And prior to the current location, the funeral home was located at 7th and Jefferson Street from 1933-2006.  In March of 2006, Anderson Funeral Home opened their present location at 920 County Road 44 NW.

In 2014, Tom and David Anderson partnered with the Vertin Family, as local owners. This cooperative venture was aimed at continuing the Anderson tradition of personalized, professional service that you and your family have come to expect. Together, the staff and owners at Anderson Funeral Home and Crematory promise to operate with the same sense of compassion and courtesy that was evident with the first three generations of the Anderson Family.